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Have you bought a horse that does not fit your requirements or has hidden defects?
Have you sold a horse and the buyer wants to terminate the purchase?
Do you need some legal advice before buying or selling a horse?
Do you want to know the legal requirements for opening a riding centre?
Do you own a riding centre and the administration does not give you the permits for your facilities?
Have you had an accident while riding? Do you want to know what and to whom you can claim?
Has your horse suffered an accident or has it caused damages/injured someone?
Are you a veterinarian and an owner is filing a claim regarding you professional performance?
Has a sport federation started a sports discipline or doping file?
Do you want to challenge the result of a competition?

LEGESTHORSE is a Law Firm located in Barcelona and focused on providing legal advice and defending our clients in litigations, regarding any question or conflict that may arise in the equestrian world and in riding competitions.

The equestrian sector is increasingly on the rise and more internationalised, so the often-complex situations you may find in the national and international equine sector are vaster. Today, horses are handed to expert riders for competition or reproduction purposes, or to amateurs for learning and practising, they are shared by several owners… Furthermore, the sector is getting more regulated both in animal welfare law with respect to equestrian facilities and sport rules, specially related to the sports professions. The ignorance of the urban planning rules frequently causes huge problems to the owners of riding centres, aggravated by the ignorance of the authorities about the needs and requirements of this kind of facilities. For this reason, it is essential to rely on a Lawyer, not only expert in these legal areas, but also with a deep knowledge of the equine sector, as the intervention of an animal with such special behaviour and needs may complicate many situations.

LEGESTHORSE collaborates with riders, veterinarians, architects and agricultural experts to provide our clients a complete assistance not only on the legal area, but also in all those questions that have legal influence, from the technical and veterinarian perspective, on the activities carried out in the equine world.

Furthermore, LEGESTHORSE is the Alliance Partner for Spain of EUROPEAN US ASIAN EQUINE LAWYERS, formed by well-known Law Firms in the equestrian world and the equine law field in several European countries, the United States and Asia, which allows us to offer our clients a stronger position and security in case of lawsuits before foreign tribunals, as well before the Spanish ones for our foreign clients if they are obliged to go to court in Spain.