Purchase of horses:

  • Promise of purchase and test of horses.
  • Purchase, legal advice on contract’s negotiation, importation and economic/fiscal rules.
  • Pre-purchase vet check.
  • Liability rules and risks assumed, hidden vices…
  • Transfer of use and/or rental and liability rules.

Civil liability:

  • Horse riding accidents.
  • Damages caused by horses to third parties: persons, property and other animals.
  • Liability rules: owner, possessor (riding schools/privates).
  • Liability of sporting clubs, riding centres and committees organizing competitions and events.
  • Professional liability of vets.
  • Transport accidents (itinere).

Clubs and riding schools:

  • Sports associations and other entities: incorporation/articles of association, legal and economic system.
  • Sporting limited liability companies.
  • Horse boarding contracts.
  • Riding lessons or training for competition.
  • Horses rental: for private use, for riding lessons…
  • Rights and obligations of clubs or riding centres.
  • Rights and obligations of owners.
  • Rights and obligations of students and/or clients-users.

Riding facilities:

  • Legal advice on the purchase: ownership, transmissions, liabilities…
  • Urbanistic and administrative requirements for the construction and the management of riding facilities, breeders, etc.
  • Processing of urbanistic plans for the legalisation of riding facilities.

Animal welfare:

  • Livestock farms requirements.
  • Faeces management plans.
  • Horses identification and travel documents.
  • Transport (authorization and registry of carriers and means of transport).

Professional sportspeople:

  • Legal requirements for the teacher/trainer.
  • Labour regulation for sportspeople and trainers.
  • Representatives.
  • Tax system.
  • Rights of image.
  • Liability rules.

Sponsoring management for sportspeople and equine events:

  • Obtaining of sponsors.
  • Elaboration and processing of sponsoring agreements.
  • Processing of files from sponsoring entities in order to obtain tax benefits.
  • Assistance on invoicing to sponsors.
  • Tracking of recovery management.

Sports discipline, doping and sports arbitration:

  • Sports rules.
  • Advice and representation/defence on sports discipline, sanctions and appeals.
  • Anti-doping legal system.
  • Sports arbitration.